Touring Exotic Coffee Shops

A Specialty Coffee Shop Tour of Baku, Azerbaijan

For centuries, the capital’s residents have sipped on sweet black tea, typically served with pastries and desserts. Today, however, specialty coffee is increasingly common and the Old Town boasts several third wave cafés.So, when you visit our fairy-tale city, take the time to stop by my four favorite specialty coffee shops.

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The path from farm to cup in United Coffee Beans. Credit: Elmar Mustafazadeh

Why These Four?

The specialty coffee market in Baku is fairly new, but it’s vibrant. In fact, a new café opens almost every month and they’re all unique in some way. This makes it difficult to pick just four favourites, and impossible to say which are the “best” coffee shops in the city.

However, as a local, I love every single place that made it onto my final list – and I’m sure you will, too.

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