It’s a coffee world.

Coffee Drinks From Around the World: Café de Olla

While coffee is new to some countries, others have been making coffee drinks for centuries. In this series, we explore global coffee traditions; we begin in Mexico with café de olla.


Photos by Evan Gilman

In many places, coffee is a culinary newcomer, part of a relatively recent and still present colonial history. Whether it’s because of blossoming production and global trade, or because of the physical effects that a cup of coffee can impart, nearly every culture has developed its own particular coffee tradition. In places with strong pre-colonial culinary traditions, coffee was absorbed and adapted into existing practices, adding to the cultural miscegenation that colonialism always creates. Food and beverage traditions in particular, being intensely personal, have a way of absorbing new practices and making them their own. As an industry that prides itself on its global community and an adventurous palate, specialty coffee has a great opportunity to learn from varied and tasty traditions of coffee consumption.

In this series, I will explore regional and cultural coffee beverages and the particular confluence of historical and social circumstances that brought these beverages into existence.

Many countries, whether or not coffee is an indigenous crop, have traditions surrounding coffee.READ MORE

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